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Application of Membrane Filtration in Sweetener
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Sweeteners refer to a food additives that give soft drinks a sweet taste.Sweeteners can be divided into nutritional sweeteners and non-nutritive sweeteners according to their nutritional value; according to their sweetness, they can be divided into low-sweetness sweeteners and high-sweetness sweeteners; according to their sources ,they can be divided into  natural sweetener and a synthetic sweetener.At present, it is a general trend to use membrane separation technology instead of traditional filtration technology in sweetener industry, such as traditional rotary vacuum disk-filter or pressure filter.Membrane filtration technology has unique advantages over removing all impurities and bacteria without any filtration aid- diatomite and can reject most soluble proteins. 

Taking aspartame as an example, it is a new type of safe sweetener, which has been widely used in food production and processing.The main components of aspartame are aspartic acid and phenylalanine.In the production of phenylalanine, ceramic membrane filtration system is used to clarify fermentation broth, instead of the traditional filtration process, to improve concentrate volume factor and increase the product yield by diafiltration.

It is necessary to use microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology to purify and concentrate the enzyme fermentation broth to achieve the repeated use of substrates and enzymes during the production of sweetener. The enzyme hydrolysate is concentrated by nanofiltration membrane to prepare high concentration reducing sugar solution, which effectively reduces the pollution of aspartame substrate to ultrafiltration membrane, avoids the inhibition of aspartame hydrolysate on aspartame, improves the enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency,reduce the cost of enzymatic hydrolysis, reduces the energy consumption and water consumption in the production process, and increases the concentration of aspartame in the hydrolysate which is easy to produce high concentration products by microbial fermentation.

The claimed advantages of membrane filtration technology:
1.Separation and concentration are carried out in an ambient temperature, low pressure, and low energy consumption , so that operation cost of concentration and separation equipment is reduced .
2.The equipment is small in size and simple in structure, so the investment cost is low.
3.The membrane separation process is only a simple pressurized liquid transportation, the process is simple, easy to operate and manage.
4.As a filter medium, the membrane is a uniform continuum made of polymer materials. It is filtered by pure physical methods, and there is no qualitative change in the substance during the separation process (that is, it does not affect the molecular structure of the material).
5.Concentration and dehydration is got by membrane , while removing small molecule inorganic salts, sugar and other impurities, making the product more pure.
6.Clean& green production with PLC, reduce labor cost and intensity. 
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