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What Are The Advantages Of Ceramic Membrane?
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Compared with such traditional filter like polymer membrane, ceramic membrane has many unique advantages:
High separate accuracy, limpid and transparent filtrate with little content of impurity;
Pure aluminum oxide brings membrane excellent performance on resistance to acid and alkali and makes the membrane longer working life;
No additive needed, the dense bacterial residue can be recycled as feed, so it's an environmentally friendly technology;
Operate under normal temperature and obturation, which ensure product activity. More of the original flavor and aroma of the fruit is retained;
The higher yield rate of high-quality products;
The membrane pore size keeps asymmetric distribution and low slow decay, and maintain high flux filtration;
Greatly reduce the discharge of waste;
Membrane runs with high strength and excellent wear resistance
Controlled by PLC automatically
Less grounding necessary for installation &small footprint
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